Pars Polish Industrial Group (Bars of Pasargad Industry) is one of the limited factories producing industrial brushes in the country, which, using advanced technology, production lines and skilled and experienced personnel, has been able to produce a product that compete with foreign analogies and will require Iran’s dear country Import of industrial brushes and export to neighboring countries and even Europe is one of the achievements of this company.

The Pasargad Briss Co. was established in 1995 and started operating in 1996 and now it is located in an area of 3500 square meters in the industrial city of Anjira, Pars region and 60 km in Shiraz, Isfahan.

The company plans to build a second phase of the plant in Tehran, in order to facilitate easy access to the entire industry.

Product introduction:

Cylindrical or roller brushes are an important part of our products that are most in need of the industry, these brushes are designed and customized according to the order, the needs of customers and the opinion of the experts of the company are produced and then marketed.

Diversification in this type of flax has led to the division into different groups, including:

1-Diversity in terms of dimensions with a length of at least 1 cm1 and a maximum of 6 meters, and in the case of a diameter of at least cm1 and a maximum of 90 cm

2-Diversity in design as well as taffeta



– Burning




-Cylindrical Strip

3-Diversity in raw materials

-Polyamide (N-N6-N66-N612)

– Polyester (PET-PBT)


Sesame, vegetable fiber, hemp and animal hair

– Sisal mix and sage leaf

– Steel Wire, Steel Wire, Brass Wire

4-Diversity in terms of density




Application: Given the variety of roller brushes, the name of a number of industries using these brushes is given.

-military industries

Citrus juicers, Carrots, Cucumber, Apple and potato syringe, Mushroom, Rattan and date packaging, Pulverizing machines, Food packaging

Carpets and carpets, weaving, spinning

– Carpet cleaning

Cleaning machines

Two-door cars and doors and windows

-steel Industries


-The power plants

– Eraser and rubber conveyor and steel

Wood industry (chipboard, MDF)

-Product printing and packaging

-Ceramic tile works

-Commercial production factories

-Commercial equipment

Agricultural and livestock machinery

Shipping and Fisheries

– Used in the manufacture of high pressure pipes

Oil and petrochemical refineries

Deep wells

– artificial grass regeneration machines

-Laborate or overshoot metals

– The carriers


– leather manufacturing


-Wax electric appliances

Bakery machines

– Dairy industry

– automobile industry

Air and railways



– Livestock and poultry industries

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